Clark welcomes Accurate Communications

Clark News 03.22.18

We’re excited to welcome Accurate Communications to Clark. They provide custom voice, data and cloud solutions to empower customer connections. Find them at Clark on the 21st floor in suite 2100.

About Accurate Communications

Accurate started in 1994, as a music on hold company. In the beginning, it was tapes and CD’s, and then a revolution happened.

Transition to 1996, EarGlue pioneered the use of remote download technology and as a result, it made them the leader in the music on hold industry.

Then in 2001, EarGlue introduced EarGlue Harmony. Their Harmony brand allowed clients to get their message to shoppers in the store through in-store music and marketing messages.

Moving ahead to 2012 we then launched our technology distribution services firm.

They are passionate about helping small and medium-sized businesses to increase productivity and conserve scarce resources as it relates to voice, data, and cloud solutions.

Their marketing brand, EarGlue is still a vibrant part of their company. It’s a marketing firm that designs, implements, and directs audio marketing solutions that help you communicate better with your customers, and drive profit increases.

Accurate Communications is a privately held, stable, and mature corporation with offices in Memphis, TN. Accurate Communications services approximately 1,500 customer locations in all 50 states and throughout Canada.

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